Kaeser M 57 Utility 5.1m3/180 CFM Diesel Air Compressor


In many cases, ready-access to a permanent convienient supply of quality compressed air is too important to warrant towing a compressor around, finding a location for it, connecting it, uncoupling it, setting it up and then, finally, putting it to use. This especially applies if this process has to be repeated in reverse once the applicable work task has been completed.

This powerful and versatile Kaeser M57 UT makes everything simpler and faster, the utility compressor can be installed on the loading bed of a truck or Utility or trailer and requires minimal installation space. Consequently, there is always enough room for
materials and tools etc on the back of this Mobile Service Workshop and the vehicle becomes a compact rapid-response unit, making it ideal for applications such as harvester cleaning, crash barrier replacement on motorways since there is no need to close an entire section of road. Whether on a truck or trailer or construction site, these compact units fit in anywhere they’re needed.

Diesel Air Compressor Details

  • Kaeser M 57 UT Truck-Skid Mount Diesel Air Compressor
  • 5.1m3/min or 180 CFM @ 7 bar/100 PSI
  • Additional air aftercooler & moisture separator
  • 4 Cylinder water cooled Kubota V2403 36kW engine
  • 105L fuel capacity
  • Operation weight 980kg

Make: Kaeser

Model: M 57 UT Diesel Air Compressor

Year: 2021

Max Operating Pressure: 7 bar/100 PSI

Dimensions: 2150 x 850 x 1400-1465


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