Compressed Air Analysis & Energy Management Solutions

Mobile Compressed Air is experienced in conducting on-site audits of your compressed air usage and future needs. Compressed air is one of the highest energy consumers in industry. We focus on selecting the most cost-effective solution for the long-term benefits of your business.

Our diagnostic planning and sales team specialise in assessing compressed air systems to identify areas of inefficiencies such as leakage, over supply, correct sizing, ineffective machinery, that can all significantly increase your production costs and impair output.

We conduct a 9 Step Evaluation process to effectively analyse the customer's compressed air system. These diagrams illustrate the structured approach we take to demonstrate how you can reduce your electricity consumption associated with your air compressor system. In turn, saving you money and increasing your profit. Not only that, with an efficient system installed, your production capacity can increase, with less downtime.

Mobile Compressed Air has saved tens of thousands of dollars per annum for our customers. Many customers embrace this strategy, using the savings to upgrade their current systems, noting they start paying for themselves immediately.

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Our quotations come with no obligation to proceed, but we are sure you will be  surprised with the savings that we can demonstrate.