Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Detections: How Much Could You Be Saving?

Air leaks from compressed air systems can significantly impact a company's bottom line by causing wasted energy within compressed air systems. This is where ultrasonic compressed air leak detection comes in.

Compressed Air Leak Detection, Is It Really Worth It?

An ultrasonic compressed air leak detection picks up the high-frequency hissing sounds produced by air leaks, making them invaluable tools for pinpointing and addressing leaks that remain invisible otherwise.

The statistics speak volumes. In plants where regular maintenance is lacking, leaks can constitute a staggering 20% of the total compressed air production capacity. Proactive detection and repairs can slash this figure to less than 10% of the compressor output, showcasing the substantial savings from our air leak detection prevention program.

But the implications of air leaks extend beyond wasted energy. They can lead to drops in system pressure, leading to inefficiencies in production equipment and shorter component lifespans within air compressors. Additionally, they hike up equipment running hours, consequently increasing servicing costs.

Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Detection Program

At Mobile Compressed Air, our ultrasonic air leak prevention program aims to reduce overall operational costs associated with compressed air systems while enhancing efficiency and reliability. Ultrasonic air leak detection is fast and can be conducted while the compressor equipment is in operation. We provide a comprehensive report with the identification, location, photographing (and tagging), verification severity of the lea (noise level and air loss per minute), and calculation of the annual cost. This comprehensive report allows for targeted and efficient resolution of leaks.

Real-World Impact: Air Leak Detection Case Studies

Mobile Compressed Air has conducted many air leak detections across South Australia. The rationale behind investing in compressed air leak detection becomes apparent when considering the air volume and expenses lost per year. The cost of air leak detection is usually insignificant compared to the annual costs of energy wastage from leaks. Let's look at a couple of case studies for well-known companies in South Australia and the real-world impact of air leaks:

Case Study 1: Dairy and Beverage Industry

We carried out an air leak detection for a dairy and beverage company and found over 17 leaks. One leak accounts for a whopping 128.6 litres per minute and a total cost of $1,014.00 annually! For the whole plant, the total air volume loss amounted to 523 litres per minute, incurring a significant expense of $4,196.00 yearly.

Case Study 2: Food Processing Factory

Our ultrasonic leak detector found 80 leaks at a large food processing factory, and one leak was responsible for 128.6 litres per minute, incurring a yearly cost of $1,014.00. With a staggering total air volume loss of 2259.6 litres per minute, the company faced an annual expense of $17,863.00 due to leaks.

Case Study 3: Local Quarry Business

Our ultrasonic detector uncovered a leak rate of 7.0 m3 per minute for a local quarry business. This translated to an estimated annual power cost of $58,968 for a 24/7 operation, consuming a whopping 69% of the total energy consumed by compressed air.

Sealing Savings: Easy Fixes for Compressed Air Leaks

Addressing air leaks within compressed air systems is surprisingly straightforward and cost-effective.

“Repairing these leaks typically requires minimal resources, with an average cost of only $20 in sundries and a mere 15 minutes of labour.”

For the most part, it is replacing seals or valves, and this can significantly reduce your energy consumption! The simplicity and affordability of these repairs underscore the importance of proactive maintenance. By conducting regular air leak detections, companies can prevent substantial energy wastage and mitigate potential larger-scale operational issues.


These case studies illustrate the tangible impact of undetected air leaks on businesses. Investing in leak detection and repairs not only ensures optimal performance of your compressed air system but also contributes to sustainable and efficient operations, safeguarding both assets and financial well-being in the long run. Don't let your money vanish into thin air.

Book an ultrasonic leak inspection with our specialists today, and take the first step towards optimising your compressed air system for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Contact us now!