Welcome from the MD

I appreciate your visit to Mobile Compressed Air.

Having started this business in 1985, it has been my privilege to see it grow over the years to now see a team of 13 caring for our clients around South Australia.

Our daily lives sound simple on the surface:
to solve problems for industries using compressed air by:-

  • increasing their production reliability
  • reducing down time
  • improving employee effeciency
    and the big one ...
  • reducing electricity consumption

In reality, the advanced technology diagnostic tools we have at our disposal allow our specialists to initially work with you to demonstrate how quality well planned air compression systems can achieve all of the above.

Mobile Compressed Air are South Australian Distributors of these amazing German engineering masterpieces.

For all these years, we have chosen to work with Kaeser having witnessed the reliability of their diverse range of machines over decades, coupled with being able to tailor very specific solutions for customers that increase their profitability.

We hope you find our website shares a range of information that demonstrates how we achieve these goals, often saving our clients literally thousands of dollars per year.

I invite you at any time to contact me.

Byron Hughes

Managing Director
Mobile Compressed Air - South Australia