About Mobile Compressed Air

Mobile Compressed Air was founded in 1985 and has grown significantly since then to provide equipment and after sales servicing to many sectors of the South Australian industry.

Mobile Compressed Air have been the distributor of Kaeser Compressors for the last 25 years in South Australia during which time have enjoyed significant growth and is the Compressor of choice for many South Australian clients due to their legendary reliability, longevity and energy efficiency. 

In 2020, Mobile Compressed Air was acquired by The Crommelin Group (TCG). TCG was formed in 2018 as a parent company for both Crommelins Machinery and the newly acquired Pneumatic Engineering as well as ongoing expansion and innovation. TCG also includes newly formed Gas Generation Australia.  

Mobile Compressed Air has the advantage of being Australian owned and operated as well as having the full depth of international experience and support from world leading suppliers Kaeser Compressors. Our services and products are backed by our highly experience employees who are committed to finding the solution best suited to your needs. Our team adopt a problem-solving approach to maximise the efficiency of your compressed air system. We are committed to finding the solution best suited to your needs and provide detailed a return on investment report to demonstrate how you can achieve the most economical solution for your business.

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